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We relocated from DC to Baltimnore in 2019 all for the love of real estate, which makes us relatable to clientele - majority fellow Baltimore transplants and investors. In the heart of the Baltimore Metro, we live, invest, and sell like nobody’s business! We specialize in relocation, offering our “Seek & Sell” package for clients looking to buy and sell simultaneously. 

We are active in our community. Jeff sits on the Board of Directors for the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, which has allowed him to build an extensive network of local businesses. Dom takes lead as Director of Events for a Young Professionals Committee no profit in Baltimore.

Dom is a native Floridian and Jeff is a YoUDee fan born and raised as a Delaware kid. We both love wine and a good movie!

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Bringing together a team with the passion, dedication, and resources to help our clients reach their buying and selling goals. With you every step of the way.
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